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VisuMap Datasets

This page contains various datasets in native VisuMap format.

 Financial Industry
SP500 2006
The daily price history of S&P 500 index stocks in the year 2006.

SP500 2008-2012Daily price history of S&P 500 companies for the period from 2008 to 2012. A short video shows a 3D view of the data.
Mutual Fund

Analysis of all canadian mutual funds classified as Canadian equities.
ETF 2006
Price history of major ETFs (exchange traded fund)  for the year 2006.

International Indices
The daily price of main indices of  world major stock markets for the year 2006.
The weekly price history of 300 TSE index stocks in  the year 2002.

World Currencies

Exchange rate against US Dollar of 59 major currencies.
Industry Indices
102 US industry indices.

 Bioinformatics, Chemometrics and Health Care
Ecoli Proteins
Map of 336 amino acid sequences (proteins) from E.colie bacteria based on seven chemical and biological measures. The body types and labels represent cellular localization sites of the proteins ( Further details are embedded in the dataset.)

Italian Wine
178 italian wines from three different cultivars. Each wine is characterized by 13 chemical measures. The body type represents the cultivars of  a region in italy.


This dataset consists of the gene expression levels of 99 yeast genes under seven different conditions.

Atom Structure
A dataset to demonstrate different mappings methods with 3D data.

Fisher Iris
The Fisher Iris dataset, famous in cluster analysis and machine learning research.

Functional Genomic
This dataset folder contains three datasets related to gene expression of  leukemia, tumors and parkinson disease.

Haplotype Analysis The genotype data of  selected SNPs (single nucleotide polymorphism) for a population of 169 individuals. The included maps visualize the LD (linkage disequilibrium) clusters and their chromosome positions. In order to explorer this dataset the VisuMap plugin HaploExplorer.dll needs to be installed.

World Population
World population dynamics grouped by countries.

Calgary Population This dataset contains statistics of Calgary Health Region population grouped by year (1997 to 2007) and gender.

Adult Database
A dataset that contains 15 finance related attributes of 4147 inviduals obtained from US census bureau.

Music Newsgroups
A dataset that classifies Internet newsgroups by nine metrics.  The data is obtained from Netscan.

World Map
The 3D coordinates of 192 countries.


This dataset contains approximately 10 000 meteorological observations each with  13 measures (e.g., temperature, wind speed).

UnEven Density
A dataset that contains two geometric sharps in 3D space. One sharp has uneven density. This example demonstrates the preservation of density information in RPM.

Double Sphere
A dataset that forms two concentric spheres.

Swiss Roll
A dataset with 2000 data points which form a swiss roll shape in 3D space.

Two Squares
A test dataset that forms two squares in 3D space. This dataset contains map created with six different algorithms: PCA, RPM, Sammon mapping, CCA,  LLE and Isomap. This dataset demonstrates the strengths and limitations of these algorithms.


A dataset folder with two datasets representing the geometrical structure the Klein bottle and the real projective plane respectively. Both geometrical structures are closed manifolds which can not be embedded smoothly in the 3D Euclidean space.

A dataset that consists approximately 2000 data points evenly sampled from the surface of a spheroid. This dataset demonstrates the superiority of the generalized RPM (gRPM) method over the classic RPM algorithm.

.NET System Classes
A dataset consisting of all classes in the .NET runtime library namepspace. This dataset demonstrates how VisuMap visualizes tree structural infomration..

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